Tiles in natural stone look

Tiles in natural stone look, swimming pool tiles suppliers in dubai

Stone look tiles – a particular flair for your home

Stone-look tiles have a remarkable effect, giving any room a luxurious and timeless ambiance. It could be the natural materials or the light reflection – in any case, tiles with a stone look have a certain sophistication. They are, therefore, still a popular design element today. We offer you a large selection of natural stone tiles – you are guaranteed to find something here!

High-quality floor tiles in natural stone look

Tiles with an attractive natural stone look bring an elegant design with a marble look to your four walls. The large-format, high-quality stone-look floor tiles make laying easier and stand out visually from previous tile formats and their detailed patterns. The natural stone tiles have authentically traced color gradients and, in this way, bring out the imitated look of the natural stone even better on large areas.

A small selection of our stone-look tiles:

  • Tiles in natural stone look
  • Tiles in sandstone look
  • Tiles in marble gloss look
  • Tiles in tile terrazzo look

The advantages of stone effect tiles

Stone-look tiles not only ensure an authentic design but also have many advantageous properties – that make them so popular! In addition to the realistic look, the natural stone look tiles also impress with their durability and versatility.

The advantages of our tiles in natural stone look:

  • Authentic look
  • Particularly durable and robust
  • Free from pollutants
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Numerous design options thanks to the large selection of designs and sizes
  • Low maintenance and cleaning effort

Tiles with a natural stone look to ensure a natural look.

Are you looking for a modern and natural furnishing style? Stone-look tiles are a great way to add style to your home or office. Thanks to the remarkable surface quality, unique coloring, and detailed structures, natural stone look tiles ensure a natural and inviting atmosphere in every room to feel good. The diverse color spectrum includes countless tones, including light grey, black, pink, beige, and white. Check out more at our tile shop in Dubai.

Stone-look tiles for the whole apartment

Natural stone tiles offer numerous design options everywhere, whether in the living room, kitchen, or bathroom. Thanks to the robust, easy-care, scratch, and weatherproof properties, tiles with a stone look can be used in any room. Discover our wide range of stone-look tiles in different colors and sizes in our online shop. With our natural stone look tiles, you can design not only the interior but also the terrace and balcony design.

Stone-look tiles for the kitchen

Robust, water-resistant, and stylish materials are essential for the kitchen. Tiles with a stone look offer all of this! In addition to the natural and timeless look, natural stone tiles have other properties, so they can easily withstand grease and water splashes. Because the material is robust and insensitive, you don’t have to worry about scratches or damage from falling objects.

Unique living room design with tiles in natural stone look

Whether as a wall or floor design: natural stone look tiles always cut a fine figure in the living room! Both light tiles, such as white or beige, and darker ones, such as gray, are popular colors here, which make the living room shine in a friendly way. It is best to choose natural stone look tiles in large format – this makes the room appear larger and more homely.

Are the stone-look tiles also suitable for stairs?

The staircase is a functional and individual design element; it can even become a real eye-catcher with the right design. Due to their stability, tiles with a stone look can also be used on stairs, which can be chosen to match the furnishing style. Whether in the hallway or stairwell: natural stone look tiles create a harmonious picture and withstand everyday stresses and strains optimally.

Stone look tiles for outdoor use

Natural stone look tiles have been the floor covering par excellence for centuries – also outdoors. Do you want to beautify your balcony or garden? Then you are on the safe side with stone-look tiles! Warm tones, in particular, exude a Mediterranean flair and thus create a holiday feeling. From rustic to timeless to elegant and modern: With the stone look tiles, you can create your living paradise. Natural stone look:

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