Floor tiles with a marble look: Luxurious porcelain stoneware tiles

Floor tiles with a marble look: Luxurious porcelain stoneware tiles, swimming pool tiles suppliers in dubai

You also love this noble and timeless furnishing style, but is marble too expensive for you? Then marble-look tiles are the right choice for you! Thanks to the authentic marble look, the tiles can hardly be distinguished from the original and create an ambiance like in the old days.

In our extensive range, you will find numerous floor tiles with a marble look, from classic white and marbled anthracite to romantic pink and blue. With us, you will find a large selection of high-quality marble-look tiles in different patterns, sizes, and designs. This is how you create your noble empire in no time at all!

Natural marble effect tiles to suit your taste.

Marble is characterized by its fascinating and individual marbling, which can look like clouds, whirlpools, or wind gusts. You don’t have to do without these stylish patterns, even with tiles in marble look! Technical progress makes it possible for the tiles to have a realistic marble look. Porcelain stoneware tiles, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular because they are incredibly robust and durable. Small, large, colorful, or white tiles: We have suitable marble-look floor tiles in our range for every taste. Be inspired by the large selection!

A small selection of our marble effect tiles :

  • Tiles in Calacatta marble look
  • Tiles in Paonazzetto marble look
  • Carrara marble look tiles
  • Tiles in rose quartz agate look

High-quality marble look with all the advantages of fine stoneware tiles

An authentic pattern and a reasonable price? Marble tiles offer just that and more! In contrast to the original, tiles with a marble look are much easier to care for and can be laid more quickly over underfloor heating. All of these advantages make marble-look tiles a real all-rounder! Check out more at our tile shop in Dubai.

Advantages of our marble-look tiles at a glance:

  • High durability and robustness
  • Faithful design
  • Ideal for underfloor heating
  • Low maintenance and cleaning effort
  • Easy and quick installation

Water-repellent marble-look tiles

Marble-look tiles have advantageous properties – making them so popular as a modern furnishing element. They can be used as floor and wall tiles due to their water-repellent properties. Whether for the kitchen or the bathroom: you have numerous design options.

Sustainable tiles with a marble look

In addition to the high price, the natural product also has other disadvantages: the dismantling is associated with a lot of effort, so environmental protection and sustainability often fall by the wayside. For many, this is another reason to choose the cheaper alternative.

Particularly robust and durable

The stress over time often leads to unsightly scratches or bleached areas on natural marble. You don’t have this problem with tiles in marble look! The replica material is more robust and stable, so damage to the surface rarely occurs.

Easy installation and planning

Installing natural rock requires a lot of strength and precision, which is why a specialist should carry this out. With marble effect tiles, you can do it yourself! The lower weight and the more straightforward implementation ensure uncomplicated installation. Both hobby craftsmen and the inexperienced can design their own homes with Do-it-Yourself instructions.

Marble-look tiles are also suitable for underfloor heating.

Natural marble is less suitable for underfloor heating because the weight makes installation and heat conduction difficult. Floor tiles with a marble look are the ideal solution here. Porcelain stoneware guarantees good thermal conductivity and air circulation – so you have a pleasant temperature for your feet at any time of the year! If you have underfloor heating, ceramic tiles are always recommended.

Marble-look tiles in your home

While marble used to be a privilege of the rich and powerful, today, it is also used in upscale hotels and star restaurants. With the marble look tiles, it is now also possible for homeowners to bring this timeless elegance into their own four walls. Marble is a natural material, which is why every tile is unique.

Marble look tiles for the kitchen

Would you like an elegant kitchen with marble walls or floor tiles, but the sensitive material puts you off? Without an exceptional surface finish, marble has porous properties, which leads to permanent staining if it is too wet, exposed to acids, or incorrectly cleaned. A robust and water-resistant alternative is marble-look tiles, available in various sizes and colors. The robust and insensitive material ensures a high level of protection against moisture and damage.

Marble-look tiles in the bathroom too

The bathroom is one of the rooms with the highest humidity, which places enormous demands on the tiles. That is why materials are needed for the wall and floor design that can meet these requirements. With tiles in marble look, you are on the safe side! These ensure an elegant bathroom design and, at the same time, offer a high level of protection. In addition to the water-repellent property, they are effortless to care for, so you only have to invest a little work in cleaning the tiles.

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