Tiles with a metal look – the new star of living trends

Tiles with a metal look - the new star of living trends, swimming pool tiles suppliers in dubai

Nowadays, tiles should not only be easy to care for and robust, but they also have to be visually appealing. With tiles with a metal look, you create an exciting interplay in the living room. In terms of design, this means Refined accents in a modern design. Metal-look tiles are the right choice if you want a simple yet stylish design because their unique look creates a symbiosis of light and shadow, colors and shine whether modern living style or vintage – the high-quality tiles with a metal look are a successful move in the world of design.

With metal look tiles, you can create a modern, industrial look in your home. Whether steel, copper, or rust: the metal look gives every room that sure something and sets new accents in interior design. In our online shop, you will find many metal look tiles for indoor and outdoor use.

Large selection of porcelain stoneware tiles with a metal look

The optical effects of tiles with a metal look are unique. The nuances originally come from nature and are now used stylishly in the living room. For this reason, tiles with a metal look are ideal for a cozy home. These particular tiles play optically with the incidence of light so that the color changes their appearance. Tiles with a metal look create an urban design that fits your interior. Brown-copper, silver-anthracite, or bronze-gold are modern colors now available as tiles with a metal look. Let us inspire you with new ideas. Check out more at our tile shop in Dubai.

A small selection of our metal-look tiles:

  • Metal look tiles with an etched design
  • Metal-look tiles with a vintage look
  • Modern metal look tiles with oxidized iron pattern 
  • Tiles in metal look in a patchwork design

Durable metal-look tiles with all the advantages of fine stoneware tiles

Tiles with a metal look to ensure an urban design in your own four walls – but that’s not all!

The advantages of our tiles in metal look:

  • Authentic look
  • Particularly durable and robust
  • Free from pollutants
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Numerous design options thanks to the large selection of designs and sizes
  • Low maintenance and cleaning effort

Porcelain stoneware tiles with a metal look are they suitable for underfloor heating? 

Would you like to design your apartment with metal-look tiles and wonder whether these are suitable for underfloor heating? Unlike wooden floors, tiles are the ideal choice for underfloor heating! Thanks to the unique material, they are a natural conductor of heat, which is why the tiles ensure a pleasant temperature in every room. The metal-look tiles guarantee optimal air circulation both in winter and summer.

Metal-look tiles for the whole apartment 

Do you want to beautify your living room, kitchen, or bathroom? Due to the advantageous properties of the material, tiles with a metal look can be used anywhere. Discover our wide range of metal look tiles in different colors and sizes in our online shop.

Metal look tiles for the kitchen 

In the kitchen, there is high humidity, and splashes and falling objects are the order of the day. The robust, easy-care as well as scratch and weatherproof material of the tiles in metal look also allows the design in the kitchen. Because they easily withstand all splashes of fat and water – and at the same time retain their attractive appearance. Even if objects fall, you don’t have to worry about scratches or damage because the material is robust and stable.

Modern look for your bathroom

Are you worried that the bathroom wall or floor design will be too drab and dark? Tiles with a metal look are available in countless colors and nuances so that they can be selected individually for the respective room. Use color accents or a high-contrast combination to turn the bathroom into a harmonious wellness oasis. Depending on the color and surface finish, you can create a bathroom with luxury or minimalism.

Metal effect outdoor tiles: redesign your outdoor space!

Indoors, metal-look tiles ensure a modern and stylish design – and what about outdoors? The fascinating effect of tiles with a metal look also makes your balcony, garden or terrace an absolute eye-catcher. Leave a lasting impression and go for a metallic and noble look. Whether pure metallic chic or a combination with natural materials: be creative and turn your home into a unique living paradise. Order your metal-look tiles now!

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