Stylish retro & vintage tiles – timeless design & durable quality!

Stylish retro & vintage tiles - timeless design & durable quality!, swimming pool tiles suppliers in dubai

Are you looking for tiles with a historical charm? Retro and vintage styles are back in fashion because their timeless design gives every home a historical ambiance. The same goes for tiles with a vintage wood look, patchwork design, cement, or decorative tiles. While such tiles used to be shaped by hand, today, the unique character is transferred to the ceramic tile with all its quality features through modern manufacturing techniques. Discover our extensive range of retro and vintage designs, from colorful Mexican, floral, and ornamental Art Deco designs from the turn of the century to elegant wood optics.

Popular designs in our online shop

Retro & vintage tiles are becoming increasingly popular – no wonder! Because there is a large selection of patterns, colors, and shapes. Whether small, large, rectangular, colorful, or white tiles: the right floor tiles are available for every taste and every requirement. Be inspired by the diverse selection!

  • Floor tiles with vintage metal look
  • Vintage tiles in a patchwork design
  • Vintage Rustic Cement Tiles
  • Hexagon Dekor mix Vintage Elements
  • Mediterranean retro tiles

Our most popular sizes in the field of retro and vintage tiles:

  • Retro & Vintage Tiles 10×10
  • Retro & Vintage Fliesen 20×20
  • Retro & Vintage Fliesen 40×40
  • Retro & Vintage Fliesen 60×60

Can vintage floor tiles also be used as wall tiles?

Retro and vintage tiles can be used not only as floor tiles but also as wall tiles. They offer numerous design options and can even be combined with different elements. Combine retro and vintage tiles with modern tiles in bright colors, for example – this creates excellent contrasts in your home. Check out more at our tile shop in Dubai.

Are floor tiles suitable for underfloor heating?

Most floor coverings on underfloor heating cause them to block the rising heat – you don’t have this problem with tiles! Therefore, our tiles are the ideal choice for underfloor heating. This way, the underfloor heating can work particularly energy-efficiently and distribute the heat evenly. If you have underfloor heating, ceramic tiles are always recommended. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the tiles either – because the floor tiles are straightforward to care for. Daily care with a neutral detergent that leaves no residue is the best solution!

Vintage tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and outdoor areas

Whether in the living room, kitchen, or terrace: vintage or retro tiles create a memorable, characteristic atmosphere and can be used stylishly anywhere. For your interior design, you will find a large selection of vintage and retro tiles in different colors and sizes in our shop.

Vintage & retro tiles in the bathroom

Would you like a unique flair in the bathroom? This is possible with retro and vintage floor tiles! But retro and vintage floor tiles offer more than extraordinary interior design – they are effortless to care for, and this reduces the cleaning effort. Since the floor tiles in the bathroom often come into contact with water, the tiles should have both moisture-resistant and non-slip properties. With the right choice of retro and vintage tiles, you minimize the risk of injury and are on the safe side.

Floor tiles for the kitchen

Retro and vintage tiles are used, especially in the kitchen. Because other materials such as wood, laminate, and PVC can cause problems sooner or later. For example, if water or acidic liquids get on the floor more than once, the wooden and laminate floors can swell. Floor coverings made of PVC can also react sensitively to different liquids so that the appearance of the floor covering changes unattractively. Consider a robust and acid-resistant material if you decide on a kitchen floor covering. Because this reliably protects the floor from moisture and damage. This is precisely what the numerous kitchen tiles made of stoneware or porcelain stoneware in vintage design offer: They are incredibly resistant and can also withstand falling objects.

The living room with tiles in vintage design

Retro and vintage tiles have become one of the most popular floor coverings over the years – and with good reason! Because the retro & vintage tiles are allergen-free, can be cleaned quickly and easily, and offer numerous pattern variants. With their historical character, retro and vintage floor tiles provide a unique ambiance for dreaming, especially in the living room.

Are vintage & retro floor tiles also suitable for outdoor use?

Retro and vintage tiles offer numerous design options indoors and cut a fine figure outdoors! Weather-resistant tiles with a vintage design can be used as decorative elements on the balcony at home and on the terrace. Porcelain stoneware tiles are particularly suitable here, as they are frost-proof and specially made for outdoor use! You can create your oasis of well-being outdoors with the tiles in vintage style.

Current tile trends for your four walls

Have you had enough of your white tiles and want a change of scenery? Do you want to stage a room with unusual tiles? Then let yourself be inspired by the current tile trends for your new interior design. By the way: Do you already know our tile blog? We use this to inform you regularly about current color trends, give you tips and provide you with free instructions, such as in our article “Replacing tiles & renewing joints.” Floor tiles are an integral part of modern homes. Due to their nature and variations, they are not only a real eye-catcher but also offer an exceptionally high level of robustness and low maintenance. Give your home a nostalgic glow with retro tiles. The palette is vast, ranging from designs from the 1970s to antiquity, whether full-surface or individual floors: tiles in vintage style are trendy! The numerous design options can be used stylishly in any room. For example, embellish the rear wall of the shower with retro wall tiles or design your kitchen with nostalgic floor tiles. Retro tiles also create an antique feel-good effect in the dining and living rooms.

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