Patchwork tiles for extraordinary room designs

Patchwork tiles for extraordinary room designs, swimming pool tiles suppliers in dubai

Patchwork tiles are among the timeless classics of interior design. With their exciting patterns, they bring life into the living room and breathe color into even the grayest of walls. There is something for every taste, from subtle flower patterns to colorful retro tiles. Exactly the right thing if you are looking for an expressive and unique room design.

Unlimited design possibilities with our patchwork floor tiles

You can create a sophisticated design on the floor and on the wall with patchwork tiles. Discover our tiles’ lively variety of colors and patterns and give your home a unique ambiance to fall in love with. Whether small, large, colorful, or white tiles: There is the right patchwork tile for every taste. Could you browse through our large assortment?

Tiles with patchwork pattern:

  • Retro design tiles
  • Cement effect tiles
  • Mediterranean style tiles
  • Vintage style tiles
  • Tiles in hexagon format

The advantages of our patchwork tiles

Are you planning a new, unusual interior design? You can make your rooms unique according to your wishes with patchwork tiles. Whether in the bathroom, kitchen, or balcony: these retro-style tiles are always unique. The tiles are ideal for indoor and outdoor use due to their advantageous properties. Check out more at our tile shop in Dubai.

Advantages of patchwork tiles: 

  • Particularly durable and robust
  • Perfect heat transfer
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Large selection of designs and colors
  • Low maintenance and cleaning effort

Matching patchwork tiles for the floor and the wall

Tiles are a real all-rounder when it comes to interior design. Because the colorful patterns are equally suitable for wall and floor tiles, they can also be used to design ledges, steps, and other elements. Or how about a tiled vanity with a retro look, for example?

In our diverse range, you will find different tile patterns for every room and every purpose. Whether subtle or playful, exotic and colorful or oriental: we have suitable patchwork tiles in our range for every taste. All decorative tiles are of high quality, durable and abrasion-resistant. You can be sure that you will enjoy your new patchwork tiles for many years.

Retro design tiles: The areas of application

Tiles are typically used in the kitchen and bathroom – but the patchwork tiles are also convincing in other rooms across the board! From the continuous floor covering and wall fresco to the fascinating contrast on white walls: With the creative patterns, you are sure to attract the attention of your guests.

Wall and floor tiles are also ideal for separating individual living areas from one another. For example, the dining table can be optically separated from the living area or the kitchenette from the rest of the kitchen. However, you can also create harmonious living spaces with continuously tiled surfaces – provided the retro pattern is not too restless.

Patchwork tiles in the bathroom

Tiles are one of the most popular bathroom designs for a reason. Because they not only enable an exciting design but are also easy to clean. With a standard household cloth and some cleaning agent, they look new again in no time! Patchwork tiles are ideal for rooms with high humidity due to their non-slip and moisture-repellent properties.

Matching tiles for your kitchen

The choice of flooring in your kitchen has a significant impact. For example, liquids cause the wooden or laminate floor to swell unattractively, affecting the look and comfort. Tiles are, therefore, the best choice for the kitchen because they are very robust and waterproof. You can create a unique design with patchwork tiles so that your kitchen becomes a visual eye-catcher! Whether you prefer subtle or eye-catching, the diverse patterns of patchwork tiles always ensure a stylish look.

Decorative outdoor use

Robust, easy to care for, and frost-proof are essential properties for outdoor use so that the tiles last a long time. Patchwork tiles made of porcelain stoneware are the ideal solution here! In addition to the unique design, they score high in robustness and weather resistance—the optimal conditions to meet all outdoor requirements. Whether for the garden, terrace, or balcony: the tiles in the outdoor area survive all seasons without any problems and create an atmosphere of well-being.

Patchwork hexagon tiles: a new trend for your home

Would you like something special for your interior design? The modern patchwork hexagon tiles are suitable for you! Hexagon is an unusual shape that makes every room an eye-catcher. The hexagonal tiles provide an original charm in every room. With the different colors and designs, you have numerous possible combinations. Discover our patchwork hexagon tiles and design your living space individually.

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