Matching herringbone tiles for unlimited design possibilities

Matching herringbone tiles for unlimited design possibilities, swimming pool tiles suppliers in dubai

The herringbone pattern goes back far into prehistoric times. Why is it called herringbone? This laying owes its name to the particular pattern reminiscent of fishbones. This shape is created by arranging the individual elements by placing them at a 90° angle to each other at the top. In addition to the classic laying method, there is also the French herringbone pattern. Here, the elements at the top edge are also beveled by 45 degrees so that the butt joints result in a long line. Herringbone tiles are the right choice for lovers of a classic and elegant furnishing style. Whether on the wall or the floor – herringbone tiles create a place to relax and be amazed!

The comeback of trend tiles

The flooring in a herringbone pattern was considered outdated for a long time – now, the unique laying pattern is making a comeback! Whether enlarging, reducing, or noble, the laying pattern significantly influences the spatial effect. For example, crosswise patterns can add more shape and structure if you have a long narrow space. In contrast, elongated tips visually increase the space. In addition, herringbone tiles create exciting lighting effects depending on the incidence of light – this is a unique design with history. Thanks to our extensive range of different herringbone tiles, you can design each room individually. Whether classic, modern or elegant: we have suitable herringbone tiles for every taste in our range. Our tiles are of high quality, Check out more at our tile shop in Dubai.

What makes the laying method with a herringbone pattern unique?

The herringbone pattern is still one of the most popular types of laying – because it has numerous advantages:

  • The herringbone pattern is particularly suitable for large rooms
  • A classic and timeless design
  • Noble and, at the same time, cozy room effect
  • Different types of laying
  • High level of robustness due to the type of laying

Which tile size is suitable for the herringbone pattern?

Whether in old buildings, palaces, or museums: You are probably familiar with the herringbone pattern. This type of installation is trendy because the herringbone pattern visually enlarges the room and looks elegant simultaneously. Consider the tile size to get a nostalgic and luxurious atmosphere on your four walls. Small-format tiles are particularly suitable for the herringbone pattern, while the longest possible herringbone tiles are used for a plank look. The installation is a bit more complex, but the result is impressive.

The spatial effect of herringbone tiles

In addition to the laying pattern, the color and size of the tiles also influence the overall atmosphere. Dark herringbone tiles in shades of brown ensure a classic look and a warm feeling, while light colors like pink have a romantic and harmonious effect. The light and size of rooms also play a role. It is best to leave dark herringbone tiles out of small rooms with little light, as this combination makes the room appear even smaller. Herringbone tiles’ full beauty and effect are evident in large rooms with a lot of light.

Do you love the minimalist furnishing style but don’t want to do without herringbone tiles? You don’t have to! Because herringbone tiles are an absolute eye-catcher in combination with a minimalist living style. Herringbone tiles offer numerous design options to be laid in any room.

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