Tiles with a wood look – modern look with many advantages

Tiles with a wood look - modern look with many advantages, swimming pool tiles suppliers in dubai

The right floor tile for every living style? Thanks to the large selection of different formats, colors, and surface designs, this question can quickly be answered in the affirmative. The technical possibilities expand the repertoire of tiles with a wood, concrete, or marble look so that they can be used as floor or wall coverings. In particular, the natural look of wood is becoming increasingly popular. Tiles with a wood look are trendy – and for a good reason!

Authentic to nature: our tiles in various wood looks

Natural look – our tiles imitate surfaces and grains authentically and lifelike. The coloring of the tiles is also amazingly close to the original from nature and thus exudes the natural charm of real wood. This is made possible by the latest manufacturing processes: high-resolution photographs of natural wood are transferred to the tile using digital printing. This way, surfaces that are rarely found even in nature are created. They range from elegant and modern to country style and shabby chic – suitable for an individual ambiance.

A small selection of our wood-look tiles:

  • Larch wood effect tiles
  • Oak wood effect tiles
  • Tiles in beech look
  • Tiles in walnut look
  • Tiles in wood look like Alaska Pecan

All grains are available in different styles and offer limitless possibilities for your home’s unique design. Whether tiles with a wood-cement look, vintage structures, or a natural look, the choice is yours!

The advantages of wood-look tiles

They are scratch-resistant, durable, and wonderfully suited to underfloor heating. Ceramic conducts heat even better than natural wood. Tiles with a wood look surpass the advantages of an actual wood floor and are in no way inferior to them in terms of appearance. Not only is the attractive wood look convincing, but the tiles also score with their numerous properties. Mostly made of fine stoneware, they have much to offer over the natural wood material. Because they are primarily insensitive to stains, scratches, or marks. With the right cleaning agent, fine stoneware can be cleaned and cared for quickly and easily – so its high-quality appearance is retained for a long time. Summary of the advantages of tiles with a wood look: Check out more at our tile shop in Dubai.

  • Particularly durable and scratch-resistant
  • Ceramic offers perfect heat transfer
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Large selection of different wood looks
  • Easy-care

Our wood-look tiles are ideal for underfloor heating!

What is denied to natural wooden floors is no problem for tiles: As proven heat conductors, they are ideal for rooms with underfloor heating. Natural tile, in particular, is an excellent material for underfloor heating. Porcelain stoneware has a high thermal conductivity, meaning it is more comfortable in cold temperatures than natural wood floors. Wood effect tiles are also a great alternative to wooden floors in the summer, as they keep the air circulating better, keeping your feet nice and cool when the temperature is high.

Wood effect tiles: areas of application

Whether it’s an easy-care kitchen, a children’s room with special requirements for durability, or a hygienic bathroom: every room in your home benefits from the many advantages of our tiles. Thanks to the extensive selection in our online shop, you can design your home individually. The natural effect of porcelain stoneware also visually enhances outdoor areas such as terraces and balconies. The frost-proof material elegantly and skilfully connects indoor and outdoor areas without sacrificing functionality.

Bathroom with wood effect tiles

In contrast to pure wood, wood look floor tiles can be laid without any problems, even in areas with an exceptionally high level of humidity. Provided with different levels of slip resistance, you can select tiles specifically for use in bathroom and wellness areas. Non-slip models reduce the risk of slipping on the wet floor and ensure a pleasant atmosphere and safety in the bathroom.

Wood-look tiles for the living room

Relax, feel good and receive guests. Nowadays, the living room is the center of your own four walls because this is where you and your family spend most of the time. The homely character of wood patterns, in combination with the easy-care material, makes the wood-look tile the best choice for your living room.

Tiles wood look in the children’s room

Tiles with a wood look also offer many advantages as flooring in children’s rooms. On the one hand, unlike natural wood floors or carpets, tiles are durable and robust. On the other hand, they are easier to clean and much more hygienic. Thanks to the sealed surface, dirt cannot penetrate the floor covering. Tiles that do not provide a breeding ground for bacteria and germs are also suitable for children with allergies. With higher thermal conductivity, porcelain stoneware tiles is the perfect material for underfloor heating. They have a more extraordinary ability to retain heat than alternative flooring, keeping your child’s feet warm in the winter. Another advantage is the natural wood look of our tiles, as this also optically brings warmth into the children’s room. The non-slip surface ensures that your little ones can play safely on these beautiful floors.

Wood-look tiles for the kitchen

Tile is a versatile and stylish option for any room in your home, including the kitchen. Here they serve as a stylish floor covering and are often used as splash guards. They are waterproof, stain resistant, and easy to clean with soapy water. Due to their durability and robustness, tiles are becoming increasingly popular as wall and floor designs for kitchens—the functionality goes hand in hand with an exceptionally true-to-original wood reproduction, which brings naturalness into the kitchen. If you want to give your kitchen a unique and stylish look, wood look tiles are the perfect solution. With the different variants and sizes available in classic mosaic patterns and trendy wood designs, there is something for every taste.

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