Stone Look Tiles for Pool & Around- Tile Shop Near Me

Stone Look Tiles for Pool & Around- Tile Shop Near Me

The swimming pool is an actual relaxation area where relaxation becomes the keyword. To integrate the pool area into a vegetal and mineral decor, there is nothing better than opting for a tiling inspired by nature. The stone look tiles combine the durability of ceramics with a contemporary design. Synonymous with elegance, the ceramic stone enhances your indoor or outdoor pool. Stone look alike tiles create an organic and sophisticated style, from the pool’s edges to specific parts such as surrounds.


stone look porcelain tiles

A natural swimming pool thanks to tiles that look like stone

Pool tiles with a tiles that look like stone can hardly be surpassed in terms of elegance. The stone’s authenticity evokes natural and raw decorative styles but is also suitable for current projects. The space is adorned with a timelessness expressed in classic and more refined settings. Of course, the pool tiles must meet various safety criteria, especially slip resistance.


Stone effect pool tiles in porcelain stoneware have all the advantages of this resistant material. Ceramic tiles are, therefore, ideal for coating the pool and its surroundings indoors or outdoors.

First, ceramic tiles are particularly resistant to chemicals and swimming pool salts. These two factors, essential for the daily maintenance of the pool, do not affect the aesthetics of the stone look porcelain tiles, which retains its original appearance over the years.

More aggressive products can also be used for deep cleaning your swimming pool area, although the maintenance of the tiles is carried out with clear water every day.

If your pool is outdoors, it should be noted that stone look floor tiless resist weather and frost. In other words, the plates are unlikely to crack even if they withstand negative temperatures. This property is explained by sandstone’s low porosity, which does not absorb water.

In addition, stone look tiles for floor is also resistant to the action of the sun’s UV rays, which do not cause any change in the color or finish of the tile.

Naturally, outdoor stone look tiles for walls have the same aesthetics as indoor products. In this way, the boundaries between the interior of the house and its surroundings can be blurred since their color palette, and individual formats are identical. The Outdoor Plus tiles, ideal for outdoor use, therefore offer the possibility of extending the interior decoration on the terrace and around the pool. The only difference is their thickness, namely 9mm for interior tiles and 20mm for exterior tiles. These also have a different surface finish that makes them more non-slip.

tiles that look like stone


To choose the type of ceramic stone, it is vital to study the layout and decoration of the pelvic area. The advantage of wall tiles stone look in porcelain stoneware is that they reproduce the aesthetics of many natural stones while maintaining the many qualities of this ceramic material.

First of all, ILP rigorously examines the different natural stones. Coming from all corners of the world via France and Italy, they all reveal a unique charm. The surface of the tiles is always worked in such a way as to perfectly reproduce the details that make up the identity of this natural material, such as its roughness and veining. In addition, tiles with a natural stone look fit both in modern environments and in more classic ones since the palette of colors and textures allows you to enliven very personal spaces.

Then the stone effect tiles can reproduce the aesthetics of Bali stone, perfect for a pool decoration defined as tropical or exotic. The shades of this ceramic stone, oscillating between grey, green and blue, form a heavenly decoration and invite you to travel without moving.

Imitation travertine effect tiles are an appropriate disguise to create a Mediterranean style imbued with softness and elegance. Its delicate beige tones give the pool a warm and cozy atmosphere.

If the pond area is outdoors so that the house’s surroundings are harmonious, it may be possible to extend it with stone-look terrace tiles to the pool. In this case, the barriers between the floor coverings disappear, and aesthetic harmony appears in your garden.


How do you maintain stone-look swimming pool tiles?

The gray pool tiles are made of porcelain stoneware, which is exceptionally resistant to various factors. It is perfectly adapted to an outdoor installation as it does not fear frost or bad weather. The same applies to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which do not affect the color and finish of the tile. Ceramic tiles do not require any special treatment before laying them outdoors. In other words, it’s the ideal companion for the pool area…provided you choose a suitable non-slip tile, of course!

Which color of stone effect pool tiles should you choose?

There is a wide range of colors to choose from for the tiles. On the one hand, dark tones like gray swimming pool tiles are ideal for refined and modern decoration. On the other hand, light colors such as beige or ivory correspond remarkably well with a warm Mediterranean atmosphere.

Pool tiles with stone look: small or large format?

The formats in the field of stone effect pool tiles are numerous, and each one aims to define a specific style. For example, the mosaic pool tile is a classic in this area and always ensures a clean result. On the other hand, large tile formats have recently become trendy and decorate the pool’s surroundings and give the space a feeling of lightness.

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